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I work with ambitious business owners who need a complete visual identity and consistent graphics for their brand. By turning the stories behind their brand into a visual, I create digital design suites from logo to strategic website and click-worthy marketing collateral.


I’m a self-taught brand and web designer based in Atlanta, GA. I began designing small graphics such as logos and banners when I was 16 years old. When friends and family members started turning to me for their own business ventures and creative projects I realized I had a skill that could pay the bills. I launched my first business with my marketing savvy husband in 2014. We now own an art studio adjacent to our home where we host an array of creative goods and services, like a mini curated creative market. I enjoy living the life of a city dwelling, loft living, “mom-preneur”, which has inspired my blog, The Loft Wife. Regina Cheri Designs is my personal brand focusing on digital design.

I work comfortably from my home office in downtown Atlanta. When I’m not working I’m chasing around my two boys (did I mention I’m also a full time mom?), entertaining, or chef-ing up a recipe found on Pinterest. 


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