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A New Look for Prep+ Meals

It's not everyday that you get to collab with a total #girlboss, so when my friend and client Chelsea was ready to quit her day job and take her brand to the next level, I jumped at the opportunity. Chelsea already had a logo and website, but her brand lacked personality and her website lacked the functionality she needed to streamline her meal prep service. I stepped in and revamped her website with some hand written titles and other custom brand elements. I also helped her with some data entry and expansive development to her Six site so that she was able to maximize her delivery service, meal specials and more. The result was a breathtaking website that was a hit to her and my following. Definitely one of my favorite jobs so far.

If you're a busy Atlantan that is looking for some easy and healthy meal alternatives, I highly recommend giving Prep+ a try. Visit the website today and sign up for the mailing list to receive healthy eating tips straight to your inbox!

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