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Winter Reading List

Tis' the season to snuggle under a blanket and read a book 😃 Ok, to be honest, laying under a blanket and reading book is a luxury I don't get the chance to do often as a hard working kick-ass mompreneur. So while I will try to get two or three hard copies, most of these will be Audible: the next best thing.

Because I listen to my books, I love a good self improvement book or anything written by a life coach that I can listen to while I work in the morning. A few of these I have read already and some I'll be reading/listening to for the first time. Jen Sincero's books will literally motivate you to build a rocket and take it to the moon, which is why she gets played daily in our home. My husband's rendition of Steal Like An Artist has gotten me very far creatively.


Does anyone else take credit for all of the books their spouse has read orrr just me? oh.. ok.


I'll be reading it myself this month. Some of the others are from Oprah's book club which never disappoints. I'm most looking forward to the mystery novel 'Murder on the Orient Express'. I love a good mystery and I hear its being made into a movie! I'll be snuggling up with that one during the boys' nap times this winter. Bonus points if I can find a hard back version on our next trip to the library. Oh the smell of a good library book.

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